Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I'm now in France using David's laptop to make this update. David is doing well and we are having a great time. We will be working on the last video for the Street Summer Basket Ball camp because I was not able to finish it while I was in Spain. This is because my laptop died two days ago. I'm not exactly sure what is wrong with it. I think it is either a motherboard or a power supply problem. Both of which if I could get fixed would cost about $380-500 seeing as my laptop only cost $600 to start with this does not seem like a good choice. Plus I would have to pay to ship it to the maker (HP). What Jonathan and I think is the best way to go about this would be to have my parents buy a laptop in the states and send it back with Neomi or one of the other Spanish kids.
That way the warranty will be in the states and I won't have to pay for shipping (about $150).
Please be praying about these choices. I will need a new laptop before the next Young Life camp starts on August 7th.

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